Are the shells removed from the shrimp?

No. We believe in providing the most natural, nutritional diet to your fish. The exoskeleton is an important part of the diet of many fish.

Will Rod's food feed my entire reef?

Yes, there are particle sizes that range from 5 microns up to 3/8 of an inch that will feed corals, fish, crustations and micro fauna that is found on a reef.

Should Rod's Food be rinsed before using?

NO! Rinsing would wash the small particles in Rod's Food away. All ingredients are rinsed thoroughly before Rod's Food is made.

What are the brown and red juices?

Very tiny animals/particles (< 100 micron) such as rotifers, pods, mini-pellets, etc. are added to our blends to feed corals and filter feeders. When combined with the natural moisture of the fresh seafood those particles appear "juicy".

Why are there land based vegetables in Rod's Food?

Broccoli is high in vitamin C content and vitamin C has been proven to help with HLLE. Carrots have carotenoids that aid in coloration.

Is your food available in cubes?

We would have to degrade our foods- creating a mush and/or bind with unnecessary gels or water to be able to "cube our foods. We prefer to offer proper particle size to satisfy the reef. Cubes dictate the feeding amounts but every reef tank has different feeding needs. Not water packed- the proper sized chunk easily snaps from the flat.

What about phosphate?

Everything contains phosphate. Phosphate is related to nutrition. Our fresh, nutritional ingredients go through an extensive rinse to rid the food of any excess phosphate added as a preservative to even the freshest seafood( on the boat).

Can I buy direct?

We value the stores that sell our products and will not compete against them by selling direct. If your local store chooses to not supply our products, there are internet sites that can ship to you.