About Rod’s Food

It’s not just our variety of ingredients that make your fish, corals, and other invertebrates go crazy for Rod’s Food, it’s the unique way they’re all blended that generates an intense feeding response from virtually every animal in your reef. [Read more…]

About Rod

Rod’s Food is one of the most well known names in high quality marine cuisine for our reefs, but the man behind the brand is far less visible. Rod Buehler, the founder and creator of Rod’s Food, has been in the hobby since when information still came from books and liverock had to be ordered out of magazines. [Read more…]

About Momma

Rod’s Food may be famous, but Momma Onyx is a legend. This beautiful onyx percula clownfish and her mate (Poppa Onyx of course) came to Rod’s Reef from Inland Aquatics in the early 90s as replacements for a big, boisterous Clarkii clown who spent her days relentlessly re-aquascaping a 6-foot reef tank. [Read more…]