Astaxanthin – Great as a gut-load for brine shrimp, pods and/or rotifers.
Beta Carotene – Gut load, top-dress or feed to your reef .
Breeder Blend – Slightly more fat content to condition your breeders to produce large viable nests.
Coral Blend – Designed for the advanced hobbyist who wants to feed a fish-less frag system or a nano tank.
EMP Blend – Designed for corals, juvenile fish, and other fish with small mouths.
Fish Eggs Blend – High in protein and omega fatty acids, works well to entice those finicky eaters.
Fish Only Blend – A complete blend of fresh marine meat and green ingredients.
NEW!!! Freshwter Large Mouth Blend – Perfect for the big eaters in your freshwater tanks.
NEW!!! Freshwter Small Mouth Blend – Perfect for fish like angels, tetras, mollies and other small-mouthed fish.
Herbivore Blend – Give your herbivores an extra helping of quality plant material to keep their bodies round and their colors glowing.
Krill+ Blend – Whole krill saturated with our unique blends will keep your fish colorful and healthy.
Original Blend – This is “The Complete Reef Food,” designed to feed every animal in your reef aquarium.
Pacific Plankton Blend – Small species of saltwater krill – similar in size to a large mysis shrimp – provide the perfect change of pace.
Predator Blend – High-quality ingredients with larger pieces designed to satisfy those hungry predators.
Seaweed Blend – Providing greens for all-day grazing with three types of dry seaweed in one package.